Sunday, 3 April 2011

Where To Go? Where To Be?

General Ignorance: Where is everything happening?

Radio Jerevan: Good question, sir! As I'm unfortunately unable to give answers to simply EVERYTHING and its happening place, could you be a little bit more specific?

General I: I fear you're mocking me, but I'll let that one fly. I mean, where is this Vandercon taking place? And no mock answers to this one, or I'll brake your legs and smite you with comfy chairs.

Radio Jerevan: Right-O! No funny business here, sir! As you may know, Vandercon is a moveable feast, some even say beast! (G.I.: "Watch it...!").

Ahem... this means that we'll start our scheduled programming in Turku (10th to 11th of April), where our resplendent guests will spend two fun-filled days. There will be a speech at the University, a more relaxed coffee-shop meet & greet and one very relaxed bar evening at a local tavern. We expect our local correspondent to inform us on the locale rsn.

More fun for our adroit guests will take place in Jyväskylä (12th of April) at Kirjailijatalo, where we'll be mixing genres. Common wisdom dictates that Sohwi will see a number of science fiction fans at some point.

Next day (13th of April) sees our intrepid and perspicacious guests in Tampere, where the main objective is the Moomin Valley and Metso.

Thursday (14th of April) returns our sagacious vanderers to Metropolitan area, where various jolly things will happen! Brainy people will enjoy Thursday's lecture on "The Uses of Fantasy: Imaginative Play and Real World Relevance" at the University Metsätalo building, while perhaps the less hip and more hop-oriented people might enjoy the veritable cornucopia of beer selection available at St. Urho's Pub later in the evening.

Next Day (15th of April) all the action and excitement takes place in wilds of Espoo. Escon is located in Exhibition center WeeGee in Tapiola. There will be talks! And writing!

Finally(!) on Saturday (16th of April) sparkling WonderMeers will return to Helsinki and guestofhonour the Tähtivaeltaja Day. Location is Pohjanhovi in Hietaniemenkatu 14 in the same building as Domus Academica. There will be Signs!

Phew, that was a mouthful! Anything else you'd like to know?

General Ignorance: I think I may need to lay down for a while and digest this for a moment. I'll be back.

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