Sunday, 20 March 2011

VanderMeeriana 101

Our esteemed Guests Ann and Jeff VanderMeer are probably more than well-known to most of the people visiting this blog, but a small reminder is always in order.

Ann is the Editor-in-Chief of Weird Tales, a magazine that has a history that starts from way back them yesteryears, in 1923 in fact. If Weird Tales rings a bell, it should, since a swell bunch of fantasy and horror masters started their careers on the pages of that illustrious periodical. Today Weird Tales is an interesting fiction magazine, that comes out six times a year (why not consider a subscription?) and is jam-packed with new and interesting writers, as well as leading practitioners of the art, too.

Together with Jeff, the Dynamic Duo is responsible for multitude of interesting anthologies and projects, that round-up the length and width of the entire field of speculative fiction. Jeff is also a well-known author of plenty many fascinating books (City of Saints and Madmen, Finch, Predator: South China Sea, etc...) as well as a gifted interpretative dancer. He has a blog that on occasion has some interesting things to say.

Do you have a favourite webpage of Ann and Jeff that you'd like to share with everyone else? Please, hesitate not!

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