Monday, 16 May 2011

Blogging Round-Up

Jeff has posted round-up post on his blog about all the amazing blogging he has done about he and Ann’s trip to Finland.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

So long and thanks for all this!

...and then they were gone.

It has been a most excellent week of Vandercon-related happenings. A week of traveling and new cities almost every single day. Meetings and workshops and panels and presentations and whatnot.

First we were graciously hosted by the lovely people of Rosebud Books on Saturday. On Sunday, Vandercon moved to Turku, via Raasepori. The Village! In Turku: Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova. And Logomo, not to mention International Institute of Popular Culture, Cosmic Comic Cafe and Harald!

Tuesday meant the long trek to Jyväskylä, where more people than able chairs were available wanted to participate the movable feast. Next day and Moominvalley! And more people.

Thursday the shebang came back to Helsinki, visiting University and local sf-meeting at St Urho's Pub. Followed by an interesting day-long workshop at WeeGee with Escon.

Saturday had the honour of serving the main course: Tähtivaeltaja Day, with 12 hours of continuous programming of entertainment, both thought-provoking and occasionally somewhat less. Great fun!

And now it is Sunday and the Great VanderMeers have left these shores. Goodbye, it was really a lot of fun while it lasted.

Thank you, Ann & Jeff. Thank you also to FILI, HSFS, GooGooMuck, ESC, Finncon, STk, 42, Turku and Tampere! As well as every single welcoming host, minder, driver, cupbearer and caretaker, THANK YOU. This would not have happened without some serious amount of gratuitous work for free.

Could this happen again? Should it?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Last chance to see!

Don't be stoopid, be a smartie! Come and join the Tähtivaeltaja Day partie!

Today, the 16th of April, kicks in the final leg of the mahvellous Vandercon! In Pohjanhovi-sali (Hietaniemenkatu 14B) at 12.00 o'clock starts the brilliant Tähtivaeltaja Day with genuine world-class superstar-supremo Guests of Honours: Ann and Jeff VanderMeer! Thou shalt not miss this one! Excellent programming, entertaining guests and cold beer (and cider) for your viewing and listening pleasure.

See THIS for more details.

This is it! For when cruel tomorrow arriveth, our guests will be flown away to the western lands of mead and hunny, and sage and saffron. To faraway lands, nevertheless. Be there and fret not, for VanderMeers have fretted for you! Like it says in the Good Book:

"Whenever I write first drafts, I like to maximize the possibility of f-ups, mistakes, mis-written words, digressions, crazy changes in tone, etc. This is why I don't use outlining software or even a computer and why I spread pages and images and research materials kinda crazy across the table. Never know what'll happen."

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Vandercon ante portas!

VanderMeers are coming back to Helsinki! Thus begins the Gretater Metropolitan part of the frabjous Vandercon: today Helsinki, tomorrow Espoo and on Saturday: Tähtivaeltaja Day!

The Uses of Fantasy: Imaginative Play and Real-World Relevance
14th April, 16.15
Metsätalo sali 9 (Unioninkatu 40 B)

Join Hugo Award winner Ann VanderMeer and World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer for a far-ranging lecture, both serious and seriously amusing, on the uses of fantasy, including the interconnection between the fantastical and the real. What happens when fantasy enters *our* world, and how does it transform our world? Why is the fantastical a necessary, even vital, way of trying to understand, and enter into dialog with, terrible events in the modern era of failed cities and failing governments? We will also discuss the issues of cross-genre writing, and the importance of rejecting boundaries or artificial walls between modes of fiction.

Ann VanderMeer is the editor of the magazine Weird Tales, and the founder of Buzzcity Press. Jeff VanderMeer s fiction includes several surreal/magic realist novels and story collections, including City of Saints & Madmen (2001) and Finch (2009). His nonfiction includes Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st-Century Writer (2009). Together they have edited the collection New Weird (2008), Best American Fantasy anthologies (2007, 2008) and Steampunk (2008).

For more information, please contact merja.polvinen (at)

This event is organised in cooperation with Tähtivaeltajapäivä and Escon, and it is made possible with the funding of Suomen käännöskirjallisuuden keskus (FILI) and various Finnish science fiction societies.

Vandercon goes Moominvalley

Reports from various locations tell us, that the traveling VanderMeers are enjoying their time in Finland and that the local populus is going wild over them. Today's menu offers excellent opportunities to meet our illustrious guests in Tampere, the home of Mikko Alatalo, Raimo Helminen and Johanna Sinisalo!

Yesterday's event in Jyväskylä was a rousing success, with Kirjailijatalo full of interested participants, so much so that extra chairs were apparently needed! Good going, folks!

Don't forget the Thursday's University gig ("The Uses of Fantasy: Imaginative Play and Real World Relevance" at the Metsätalo building), Friday's Escon or Saturday's Tähtivaeltaja Day! Lots of great opportunities to meet and greet this wonderful couple of fantastical knowledge and erudite professionalism.

You really cannot afford to miss these opportunities!