Friday, 15 April 2011

Last chance to see!

Don't be stoopid, be a smartie! Come and join the Tähtivaeltaja Day partie!

Today, the 16th of April, kicks in the final leg of the mahvellous Vandercon! In Pohjanhovi-sali (Hietaniemenkatu 14B) at 12.00 o'clock starts the brilliant Tähtivaeltaja Day with genuine world-class superstar-supremo Guests of Honours: Ann and Jeff VanderMeer! Thou shalt not miss this one! Excellent programming, entertaining guests and cold beer (and cider) for your viewing and listening pleasure.

See THIS for more details.

This is it! For when cruel tomorrow arriveth, our guests will be flown away to the western lands of mead and hunny, and sage and saffron. To faraway lands, nevertheless. Be there and fret not, for VanderMeers have fretted for you! Like it says in the Good Book:

"Whenever I write first drafts, I like to maximize the possibility of f-ups, mistakes, mis-written words, digressions, crazy changes in tone, etc. This is why I don't use outlining software or even a computer and why I spread pages and images and research materials kinda crazy across the table. Never know what'll happen."

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